Beautiful ant towers up on Danes Hill this morning as I came home from work. Both black and red ants working their asses off on their respective nests. Love is in the air and so will a shit-ton of winged ants soon be too (Man, that was a poorly constructed sentence). The hive mating season […]

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The Fox

A fox followed me to work last night. A young’un, trotting a constant six foot behind me. I kept stopping and he’d stop. But he wouldn’t run. He would just look at me, a nervous look in his eyes but never budging an inch. When I would start walking again he’d start too. Never known […]

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So, er, I haven’t shown my face around here for some time. I’m deep in books, writing books (and film stuff) and everything connected to that so the last thing I wanna do to relax is blog. But, no fear, proper blog posts on the way, including a David Bowie and science fiction piece I […]

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“The 21st century man will abandon tie, shirt and trousers. Instead he will be outfitted in the masculine version of the one-piece stretch moonsuit for travelling, and will strip down to long tights and a short toga, reminiscent of the free-swinging styles of the Roman charioteer.” -Saturday Evening Post, October 17th, 1964

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