MicroRant: E-Cigs And The News

E-cigarettes exploding/burning: have you noticed that in all the news articles, whether print or online, the make of e-cig is never mentioned? Any other product and the brand is the focus, and rightly so: the buying public should have that knowledge so as to make choices. But not e-cigs. One e-cig blows up and it’s […]

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I envy my dad’s generation. They bought a piece of technology and it was essentially a tool. Now you buy a piece of technology and it’s an ‘experience’. It’s got a ‘community’ of users. The company making it keep trying to be your mate all the time. Black & Decker and Triumph Motorcycles never tried […]

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Found out something that cheered me up no end. The modern Library Of Alexandria has 30 million books, as many were in the Ancient library before it was destroyed. But it gets better: at the heart of the modern library are a heck-ton of state-of-the-art servers encased in steel. Every hour they collect and store […]

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