Frog Island Post-Apocalypse

Walked home through Frog Island this morning. It’s an area of Leicester that economically collapsed in the late 80s and decided not to bother getting up. I love its gothic-industrial rot. It’s like a vision of the future if the Midlands went all Mad Max. Advertisements

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It’s Here!!! ‘The Scalpel’

BUCKLE UP, SPACE-GONZO FREAKS! Paperbacks of my debut novel are available NOW to order on Amazon (ebooks should be available in a couple weeks). “This fantasy, space opera epic unleashes a mind-warping tale of galactic intrigue, explosive action, incandescent dialogue and smouldering passions.” Swirl Savard’s life is not going to plan. Exiled by her alien […]

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Idea for futuristic street drug: once sniffed, drug reads brain and creates memory of favourite tv show, a show that never existed. Hit lasts ten seconds but seems like five seasons. Illegal due to immediate depression when you can’t chat about it with fellow fans.

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