Graham Joyce: Two Years Gone

Before I met Graham Joyce I’d stories I’d never submitted anywhere simply because they were set in Leicester. The Midlands, my internal logic ran, aren’t really about anything, have no atmosphere, not in the same way London, the North or Scotland do. And then I saw Graham speak, and then I immediately bought one of […]

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Beautiful ant towers up on Danes Hill this morning as I came home from work. Both black and red ants working their asses off on their respective nests. Love is in the air and so will a shit-ton of winged ants soon be too (Man, that was a poorly constructed sentence). The hive mating season […]

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The Fox

A fox followed me to work last night. A young’un, trotting a constant six foot behind me. I kept stopping and he’d stop. But he wouldn’t run. He would just look at me, a nervous look in his eyes but never budging an inch. When I would start walking again he’d start too. Never known […]

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So, er, I haven’t shown my face around here for some time. I’m deep in books, writing books (and film stuff) and everything connected to that so the last thing I wanna do to relax is blog. But, no fear, proper blog posts on the way, including a David Bowie and science fiction piece I […]

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