Writers against themselves

There’s a weird Fight Club side to writing novels, I’m finding. If I can’t think of the right word I leave a mark and move on because I don’t want to slow myself down as I’m banging fresh story out. However, I do this in full knowledge a future Jim months from now will stumble […]

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That planned Uncle Albert spin-off series was pretty high concept. #OnlyFoolsAndHorses #NewWaveSF #Plonker

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The Omnivorous Mind

I’ve been thinking recently, would our species have achieved its intelligence, civilisation, technology etc if we hadn’t have been omnivorous? And, by extension,does intelligent life in the universe only (or very typically) evolve from omnivorous species? My thinking is that a carnivorous or herbivorous species is locked into a non-risk taking groove, while omnivores have […]

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