Putin Got Bit

Putin and his advisors must be waking to the fact they are shackled to a mad dog. Their explanation- that a bomb set off the rebel’s chemicals in a warehouse- is desperate, and they know everyone knows it’s desperate. Chemical weapons simply don’t work like that. Physics doesn’t work like that. And even if it […]

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It’s just occurred to me that most selfless acts I’ve attempted (which aren’t many) have either failed or outright backfired on me. A lot of the time (I suspect) people are suspicious of my motives and, to be honest, I’d be suspicious if someone did something selfless for me too. So my experience is probably […]

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Hello Halo

Nice coincidence this. My next sf book I do I want (as I visualise the scenes) a look and colour palette of Halo Jones, a comic I saw as a kid but was too young to read. Today I walked by the newsagents and saw this! Lovely!  Reading it now it’s striking how different Halo […]

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Walking Backward

Things aren’t going the way I want them. I can understand why Scotland wants out of the UK now Brexit’s happening but I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK. I don’t want the UK to leave Europe and I want Europe to be consciously thinking about forming a union with every democratic nation on […]

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Dream: A Walk With Welles

Had my first 1940’s newsreel dream, all black and white and crackly. Orson Welles was leading me around various abandoned places: first a derelict V2 rocket testing ground (only recently abandoned of course), then around some old mines in a rocky part of New Mexico and finally that big shadowy castle in France where the […]

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Only just discovered that if I hold my autoclock wand (the thingy I use to prove I’ve walked around the hotel where I work) like this it makes a convincing gun from a 70’s BBC sci-fi drama. My hourly corridor checks have just got AWESOME!!! UPDATE: Facebook chum Dan Gilbert has created this simulation of […]


This circle of trees on a traffic island brought a hint of ancient pagan ritual to the double glazing and metal bus shelter environs of the Danes Hill estate. Last night, two of these five sisters fell after who knows how long they stood. I just hope they weren’t keeping some dark force trapped within […]

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